Sikkerhedsrådgivning for cloud løsning til eMail og Web

Der er mange ting, som skal overvejes, herunder installation og opsætning, dataopbevaring og sikkerhed, søg og hent funktioner.

Det kan være en kompleks del af dit e-mail-system, men noget som har høj prioritet, eftersom brugen af e-mail på arbejdspladsen vokser.

Med Sikkerhed i højsædet rådgiver vi på en pragmatisk måde hvordan sikkerheds politkker kan formuleres og forankres i jeres virksomhed.

The Business Challenge of eCommunications

Electronic communications is pervasive to all parts of modern business life. Requests, commitments, agreements, company information are now all found within eMails. Today eMails are all to often our business - and we need to take control!

On the face of it a hopeless task

End-users are lining up outside your office, the legal department is leaving angry messages (they need it now!), and there are a million other things that have to be done today.

Your Exchange server is down. And up. And down again.

You try to enforce quotas, but it doesn't seem to help. You get additional storage space, but it gets filled up. So you end up spending all your time moving data around, looking for files to delete. You think - there must be a better way.

You're backing up your Exchange stores, but you're not sure if you can restore.

You're investing a lot of money in additional backup infrastructure due to large message stores. Yet, restore times are still taking longer, and backups are failing more. Data is getting lost. This can't be how it's supposed to work.

End users are demanding more. And more. And more.

End users are sending you more and more emails (but ignoring yours). They want to keep everything. They want to find every email they ever filed, instantly. They don't want to know why it isn't working. They just want it fixed.

PST files are becoming the answer. They shouldn't.

PST files take up more disk space. They're harder to backup. They're difficult to find. On laptops, they're vulnerable to theft. 

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