Electronic mail with Bias - Kersi Porbunderwalla

The recent years large corporate scandals such as Enron, WorldCom and Parmalat haves sent repercussions around the world. The auditors, boards of directors, senior managers and lawyers have now experienced concepts such as compliance and corporate governance close up.

But not all companies are concerned about international rules. In most Danish companies, the problem is not so much new audit requirements. Rather, it is about putting good old-fashioned customer care in the brave new digital world. And it is a task that has become considerably more difficult at a time when soon all dialogue with customers and partners are digital.

E-mail has now become one of the most important media for business communications. Customer Correspondence, contracting descriptions, contracts and land prices only in employees' e-mail inboxes.

Previously all vital paperwork was stored and managed centrally, whilst today eMail is very much decentralized and often only in the hands of various users.  

That is precisely why advanced email management and digital archive systems now emerge as tools for documentation and quality assurance. With modern e-mail tools, companies can always recover and document the details of contracts with customers and partners. An employee who is either sick or on vacation, should not be a hindrance in finding vital business information.

Many of the e-mail and archival solutions, we see today were originally targeted at managing bulging mail servers. But today second generation solutions must also address information management and compliance. 

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