Risk Management for eCommunications

eMail and Instant Messenger are technologies without which it is hard to imagine business being conducted - but it is a convenience which brings with it a security risk.

Developing a framework for the secure and efficient management and distribution of company information and in particular non-public information (NPI) is a complex and time consuming task— and one which makes no consideration
for size of company.

At Governance IT we focus exclusively in the deployment of standardised best practices for the management of electronic communications.

Using industry specific templates we ensure that you live up to whatever demands your management or regulatory bodies may have. 

4 Steps to Peace of Mind

Often the first problem is understanding where you are and where you want to be - and this is where Governance IT’s Electronic Communications Gap Analysis comes in and gives your company the following:

o Brief view over the rules and regulatory requirements specific to your company
o Which rules are currently covered by your company’s policies, procedures and control points?
o Which rules are currently not covered by your company’s policies, procedures and control points?
o Recommendations to key changes and processes to ensure basic compliance.

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